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So it would seem I’ve got a good grasp on CSS and HTML and have somewhat managed to replicate the Creative Review website (with a few editorial tweaks as the article focuses on myself and two other students)

This is what I feel the Creative Review website should look like when viewing images rather than the way it is now where the images are embedded straight into the article making for a very long page which seems like a chore to go through, with this design you can have the article with the images placed right next to it.

So it would seem I’ve got a good grasp on CSS and HTML and have somewhat managed to replicate the Creative Review website (with a few editorial tweaks as the article focuses on myself and two other students)

This is what I feel the Creative Review website should look like when viewing images rather than the way it is now where the images are embedded straight into the article making for a very long page which seems like a chore to go through, with this design you can have the article with the images placed right next to it.

Flashback Friday!

This was a piece of typographic imagery that I had to create in my first year of university which I really enjoyed doing…
The task was to create a 3D image using pure typography [no images whatsoever] so I decided rather than pick a simple image I would use a complicated image….A train! to be more specific I used the Mallard; a 1930’s Steam Locomotive with an art deco flair, as most objects did in that decade and capturing the curves and brilliance of the locomotive was a hard task that took 3 long nights to do by hand in illustrator.
In order to get the right effect i had my reference image which I printed off and wire framed to get the perspective right and drew out the individual letters first in pencil and then inked & coloured and then scanning it in to redo it digitally.

I loved this project so much!

Holy Hell, I know I’ve thought about it; but imagine having an e-reader that still felt like paper yet was purely digital…well, these geniuses showcased their idea at the International CES in Las Vegas.
The technology, while not graphically outstanding like the iPad and the like, just remember what the first PDAs were like as well as the first generation iPod, the screen on this is fantastic for the technology when you remember that this is as thin as a sheet of paper and feels just like a piece of paper as well.

Well, this is certainly going to make a difference to how games are played, films are watched (they may become highly interactive) and even how adverts would work in the near future, how Microsoft plan to use this competing with the living room giants LG, Panasonic & Sony could be very tricky to implement; their plan could be to implement it in the next generation Xbox or even in the next generation Kinect; the issue I see with it is very much the same problem that the Kinect has - it looks like it requires a hell of a lot of space to function correctly, luckily they were able to showcase it in a presentation theatre!

I am definitely looking forward to keeping tabs on this project by Microsoft!


NIKE | Air Jordan 2012 website

Check out this site, it’s just amazing. Taking parallax scrolling to a new level, although it gets a little wonky when you resize the window to be very small. With great design and planning comes great results.

Love how the parallax works on this site; also love how they’re still using the icon of Michael Jordan’s leap of faith as the iconography for the brand of trainers

Ok, so this is going to sound crazy, but what exactly are my values as a designer? It’s a tough question and I might ramble on a bit here, so stop me if I do, here goes!

So some people might say to me,
“But Alistair, aren’t your values the same as your morals and ethics?”
“Yes…and no…my morals and ethics dictate my values when they come together as a whole, I’ve talked about my morals and ethics before when I revisited Milton Glaser’s 12 Steps to Design Hell, where I said that while I would do everything on that list with my own lines within that step; for instance when I said that I would design a for-profit medal that was being made from the steel of the World Trade Centre, while this is where I would draw the line on the steps to hell, it is only because I don’t know where the profits were going, if they would be going to a war widow fund then I would design the hell out of it!
While this makes it seem like my soul is pretty easy to buy, I am a very good (morally) person and often I am worrying about what I’m saying and if the person I’m talking to will be offended by what I say to them; it’s a tricky issue alright.
My values as a designer are that while I will take high paying jobs, I refuse to take them if I find them morally repugnant, there have been situations where I’ve been offered a job and my stomach has turned due to the content of the brief, while this may have been wrong there was the other voice in my head going,
“Hey dumbass, how are you going to pay the bills?”
“By finding another client, I refuse to do this.”
If this value system means that I have to go hungry for a month, then so be it I’m not going to sell my soul in order to eat; Karma is a very powerful force.

The company’s style that I would strive to be like would very much be Saatchi & Saatchi, who for the most part seem to be very commercial be every once in a while they do a piece that is hard hitting, however each piece they do do is heavily thought about and gives you some thought provoking insight into the company they’ve been hired by.

paint the town black

The scale and ambition that Saatchi and Saatchi have is the drive that keeps me going as a designer, to eventually be as good as them, if not end up working for them. The pieces of theirs that I love are the ones that are on a massive scale and make you think “the hell is going on here?” because of that thought the advertisement stays in your head, much like the Guinness advert for Arthur’s Day; which is a corporate spawned holiday that started in 2009 as a series of music festivals to celebrate 250 years of Guinness and the idea is that people would raise a glass at 17:59 (relating to the year that Guinness was started, they would have been screwed if it was a year later…) and to promote this holiday Saatchi and Saatchi (S&S) were commissioned to create a television advert for it by Guinness, and what they came up with was phenomenal and really made me think ‘what the hell is going on here? Oh, that explains it…’
S&S’s idea was to get a town and paint it black presumably basing the idea on the phrase “painting the town red” that people use; so everything within this fictional town is painted black including the people really makes the iconography of Guinness stand out in the concept and the advertisement.  I love the advert, not because of its simple complexity but because of its weirdness and almost alien-like idea; using an everyday phrase and turning it on its head makes this such a strong advert that holds up against the test of time and could still be used in ten years’ time (assuming we still use televisions at that point in time…). The idea of using a phrase seems brilliant in my mind because this helps the message stay inside the viewer’s head and thus create an effective advert.

To sum up how I feel as a designer and the ethics I want to employ can be taken from the Amazon Kindle advert from last year (2012); “Normal just begs to be messed with”.

Saatchi and Saatchi (2012) Paint The Town Black

Amazon (2012) The New Amazon Kindle


Ink & Arrows Design Magazine was created by Alexandra Lucas and Amalia Fredericksen in the summer of 2012. It was an idea to feature work from designers, graphic artists, and other creatives, giving exposure to all the parties involved. 

    Originally, Ink & Arrows aspires to provide inspiration and deliver fresh faces to the art and design community.  The main focus of the magazine is inspiration and how each individualized artistic process varies from person to person. First, by showcasing ourselves and our friends, Ink & Arrows intends to branch out and feature artists from anywhere on the web.

ISSUE ONE was released in October. You can read ISSUE ONE here.

ISSUE TWO of Ink & Arrows Design Magazine was just released. You can read ISSUE TWO HERE. You can also purchase a copy HERE.

For more updates on what is to come follow us on TWITTER, FACEBOOK, & BEHNACE










That means free access to Photoshop CS2 - and that already has most of what you could ask for, really.

All you have to do is create a FREE ADOBE ID.

I am not sure about commercial use, but MAN. FUCKIN’ SWEET DUDE



What. What? WHAT.

That’s pretty cool!


Is it me, or is this campaign extremely powerful in the way it conveys its message?

It is such a hard hitting and graphic campaign that it definitely makes you think twice about smoking; the Guardian newspaper (UK) ran a poll and found that 52% of people thought twice about continuing smoking in 2013 and the adverts created for the campaign are simply brilliant in my own view; they take the idea of what smoking actually does to you (tumors and the like) and makes them physical and allows you to see them (almost literally thanks to the wonder of CGI [computer generated images]) to get this kind of idea across for my own project would give it the hard hitting impact that i think it needs…

With the idea of re-branding the Nursing profession, I’ve decided to make other professions look humdrum and dull compared to Nursing, for example, a postman would deliver a letter, a nurse (mid-wife) would deliver a baby; which would you rather do?

The art style I’m thinking of heading for is similar to the Mac UK adverts, using exaggerrated truths and creating a clean, sharp image using a white background and uninvasive fonts/colours.

hopefully shouldn’t work too badly…

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